Poetry Collaboration








Edited by Christine Peiying Chen & Les Wicks



FEATURING: M.K Ajay, Cao Shui, Caiyan Che, Christine Pei Ying Chen,

Felix Cheung, Frank Dong, Enya, Fang Langzhou, Helen Jia, Jie Ran Wang, Jin Jin,

Lan Mu, Li Li, Li Zhongquan, Shijing Liao, Meijia Lian, Breanna Lilly, Yuhang Liu,

Lu Wentao, Raymond Ren, Sou Vai Keng, Adarshani R Sharma, Tang Ying Xia,

Altynai Temirova, Phu-Linh Tran,Alan Wu, Zi Fei Yu, Xiaochun Liang,

Xing-Mai, Zhang Lizhong & WenZheng  Zhu


Notes on Contributors



Archived in Pandora



from Meuse Press –





M.K Ajay

Poets Colonising Mars

Stealthy is the cat of siestas,

bio machine, Egyptian goddess

with aluminium whiskers buried in swamps,

amid rectangle mansions,

glasshouse cacti, cloned golden retrievers.

And around the cat are craters, red tiles

floating like feathers, sheer red oceans

of effortless solitude, a writing cabin.

Children stop and run among those craters

stop and run

as dragonflies do.

First published in Clawing into Water’s Skin Poetrywala


Cao Shui



I walk along carrying an injured fish.

This pot only fits one fish.

How was it that the fish was injured?

I too want to know the answer.

Only an examination will reveal the truth.

I traveled past mountain ranges, bodies of water,

I travel through centuries, millenia.

Great rivers cut through deep valleys.

One night I fell into flooding waters.

The fish jumped out from the jar.

I could only stare as she left.

People say I'm affable.

The fish now becomes a mermaid

with servant girls by her side.

A waning moon sits upon my head.

The mermaid ascends the moon.

A drop of fragrant dew drops down.

I extended my hands to catch it

and suddenly understood life that's passed,

life that comes.


Caiyan Che

Inheritance Through Commemoration

——For the Music Lecture In Memory of the Maestro Mr Ke-chang  Lin


In the melodious and elegant sound of

the three -hundred -year -old violin

I saw you smiling and walking

from Heaven above

Full of immortal music

Waving your hands gratefully

Sending heartfelt thanks to us

Excitedly shedding tears


In the church fully seated

We hearing the touching stories

Told by the aged violinist

How noble and elegant meetings

Happening to the two great masters

How important role the Maestro Mr Lin has played

In pushing the Butterfly Lovers——

This New Chinese excellent Violin Concerto

To the Elegant World Music Stage


How amazingly I enjoyed All these beautiful melodies

Played by Mr and Mrs Pan

The Butterfly Lovers as if weeping and complaining

Ave Maria full of mercy and piety

Meditation From Thais full of peace and quietness

Souvenir so soul-stirring

Après in Reve as if wakening from a dream


How truly I admire the tacit understanding through deep love

From the married couple of Mr Pan and Ms Lei

How deeply I appreciate

The absolute sincerity

For loving music

From the old generations of the Chinese musicians

How eagerly and proudly

I want to praise

This forever special Inheritance through commemoration


Christine Pei Ying Chen

Rebirth Trilogy

I.                    Glazed


Bees flow with colors, weaving through the flowers

Flowers flow with colors, bathed in clouds, rain, and dew

Cats flow with colors, chasing rainbow moons


Light revolves around her

Cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, all revolve around her—

Hoeing, watering flowers, doing laundry, cooking, calling cats and dogs

She is spun around, spinning and spinning, until she becomes the core of everything


He was mesmerized, forgetting time... until

His own eyes shimmered with seven colors, draped in iridescent robes, only then did he realize

 He had also become a part of her:

Together, flowing with glazed colors


II.                 Birth


Finally, reaching the last layer of the realm of colors: blue

Covering the sky, touching the ground, clouds diving into lakes and seas

Lotus flowers and hydrangeas bloom to extravagance

Azure, making it hard to breathe!


Clattering, hooves never stop

Within the sound of hooves, she traverses layer after layer of colored realms—

Spring's tender yellow, summer's pink, autumn's clear gold...

Overflowing with colorful light, wandering through a myriad of colors

The backpack grows lighter, like

The fading lover and hometown, gradually distant and fading away—

Entering the scroll of black and white ink


Snowy mountains, arrived

Surrounded by mountains like memories

Thousand mountains covered in dusk snow, only two flickering black pupils

Silence. Echoes resonate: calling, so clear! ...

Awakening, the various colors of her, unified like a thousand-armed Avalokitesvara

A woman in a superposition state, reborn

Her body stands tall, fair skin with rosy cheeks, chest rising and falling gently


The sky is ablaze, the earth is blanketed in white—

Falling on her body and shoulders


III.              Petrified


Roaring like a tiger or resonating like a dragon

The howling thunder arrives and the shooting stars depart

Whether in exuberant vitality or in heart-wrenching pain

All fall into stillness with the wilting of plants, transforming into wonders after decay

Finally, the secret technique to resist weathering and erosion emerges.


Possessing crystal clarity and hardness

Every inch of skin is gently kissed by time, comforting and preserving

With clear bones, dynamic interplay of light and shadow, absorbing the essence of sun and moon

The body is filled with radiant flowing light


Oh darling, do not be afraid

In this world, there are always unexpected wonders--

From organic to inorganic, to transcending the mundane, how beautiful it is:

Falling leaves in flowing water, moonlight and flying birds, brushing against the body like silk

An invisible pair of hands, renewing you completely,

Love or pain, forgetting or memory, all become raw materials--

Remember, you are destined as a precious gem


Felix Cheung

Cold Wind


What woke me up

Was indeed nothing,

But a gust of cold wind

Carrying the whir of a returning boomerang,

And the metallic whistle between the massive flagpole.


A carousel music box is spinning,

Projects a halo of Christmas

Through a bizarre and colourful waste land,

Towards the ceiling.


Wind chimes tinkle,

Piercing through the walls within walls,

Echoing like distant camel bells' jingle.


Frank Dong

What will we leave behind?


The waterfowl skims over the river,

Rippling the colorful surface of the water.


Tender Sprouts turn green and then yellow;

Departing in the sunset, leaves return to their roots below.


The evening flame dies away,

The moonlight gently starts to spray.


The woods sleep through the nights,

Birds are back to their nests and dreaming of their flights.


The stars are shining,

There's always a few shooting ones flying.


What leave behind will We?

A drop of water in the a long river,

A handful soil buried deep under,

A speck of dust in the star seas,

A song of life to sing for ever.



Life is a mysterious thing 


Walking in the field 

Evening sun shining on my back

casting the shadow of myself 

Three times longer 

feet kisses the vast grass covered paddocks 

The Soil is fertile, they

Were covered once with ashes 

from volcanic eruptions

1000 years ago in Taupo

While here is close to Auckland 

the land under the feet 

is miles away from Taupo

As for me I came from China , a country 

thousands miles away from this land

I start to wonder

Where the grass came from 

Some were from here

The others may have travelled far away

from across the continent 

Life is such a mysterious thing

I am in awe with its wonders


Fang Langzhou

Avaricious Anglers


A hook will catch deep in the throat

Tears and blood will

flow down into the heart


Helen Jia (西贝的诗)

Diverging and Converging


The light is divergent

A lampshade converges the rays

From the edges of shadows

Light takes on shapes

This is how solitude

Turning sorrow

Into a song


The sun's scattered beams

Gathered by a focusing lens

Converging into a single point

Silently piercing through fallen leaves

Emitting a wisp of smoke

This is how despair

Burning dreams

Into a pile of ashes

Published in Kalliope X, Issue 2, Autumn 2022




















Jin Jin

夏日玫瑰 Summer Pray

That day I passed by your window

your red shirt was visible through the green shadow

Though the sunlight flecked your face

I can't avoid your gaze

Although you have experienced the stormy life

you still hold affection


I picked up your moistened petals.

looking for those lingering details in the past

those lovely times that have been forgotten

My mind with thoughts of past days

Who knows, on a hot summer day

I used to pray for you


I can be your momentary lover

but I can't cross over to your world

I am unable to let go of this life

our connection was destined in our previous life 



我曾经为你祈祷 为你牵挂






Li Li

Sunset in London


A great shamein the China Hall of British Museum

I am ashamed to face the dolls, graffiti, clay sculptures, stone carvings, handwritings and bones

Of ancestors


Walking into a modern prison, I am a visitor

An unfilially descendant

HereIt imprisons

My sick motherland and my shabby ancestors

My dignity, my glory, my pride and all my dreams


I am repeatedly warned to be in whisper when speak and walk on tiptoe.

Countless cameras stare at my every move

To these Chinese heritage treasures which were gotten by opium and artillery and

Stealing, robbing, abducting, cheating or sneaking

From the Forbidden City, Winter Palace, Dunhuang, temples, ancient tombs and the vicissitudes of the earth of China

And imprisoned in Explosion-proof Glass Cabinet

I'm speechlesseven the right to take pictures with them has been taken publicly

Their reason is high-sounding

It's like the old days they were wearing gentle hats, having fine walking sticks in one hand and guns in the other

And broke into my home


Standing by the London River, the flowing golden river

Is like the fading timegoing away slowly

The sunset of the kingdom called The Sun Never Sets is hanging at the end of the river, round

It seems to fall

Like a painful teardrop

Rolls down from my cheek




Li Zhongquan

My Poetry Blanket


I have a poetry blanket, just press the button of the soul to activate it

My poetry blanket can fly, traversing 125 billion planets in the Milky Way

One night, it took me to meet seven dwarfs and Snow White

In the gourd mountain, I also encountered the gourd little warriors and the gourd siblings


My poetry blanket can save lives, can heal the pain and loneliness of the soul

It can fulfil dreams, sowing a seed of longing that slowly climbs up to the moon

Sow a seed of sunflower able to chase the sun like Hou Yi

It tells me a secret, beneath the Potala Palace


There's a passage to the world at the center of the earth, where many beings of higher dimensions reside


Translated by Christine Peiying Chen

































Breanna Lilly

The Reason Why I Left Your Lock of Grey


I saw out of the corner of my eye, that you walked past me so gracefully, yet the anger you felt as you passed by shook me cold. You were the pouring rain spewing through my brain, washing me clean yet filling me with damages too far done to be erased. Your memory faded in and out, like a bad night of drinking as you sober up to the rising daylight, a hint of sparkling light weaving through the gray, a ray glaring down at you, the sun shining through a small gap within the condensed clouds, it was you. Your brain was a horrendous mess, wired shut, and there was nothing that could open it. You were wicked and sickened by a disease that could never be cured; as you whisper sad thoughts of darkness, I see you with dismay, and I learn to outlive your ways.


Jie Ran Wang

Benoit Statue


Though half of you is hidden in this earthly sea and sky

Half appearing in the human’s vision

Still can’t hide your charisma and majestic aura

Still can’t stop your enduring marvellousness


Maybe you are an explorer of the world

Searching for the soul’s fantasies and life’s shortcomings

From your pensive gaze

From your broken body

From your light luggage

I’m guessing


Maybe, you were an early member of the First Fleet

Landing at Botany Bay

From your weary, travel-worn face

From the tips of your hair tousled by the sea breeze

From your clothes that have been faded by the years

I’m guessing


Maybe, you are a rare brave man in this troubled world

Your singular cry broke the bad legacies

From your dignified and strong demeanor

From your wavy hair blowing against the wind

From your burdened steps forward

I’m guessing


Maybe, there are endless maybes

But I believe wherever your footprints touch

The impact is instant

The imaginations are endless

Moreover, a brave man will from now on stand tall

No matter on this earth or in the heart



               / 洁然




































Lan Mu

If Solitude is Beautiful


– About Long Jetty Long Bridge Central Coast

In the twilight of early morning

You pose like an arrow in a fully stretched bow

Ready to fly

Right into the arms of your lover

In the sunset

You drift like a flat-bottomed sailing ship

In the heart of the sea

Waiting for your lover returning from a long journey

With the wind in your left hand

And the clouds in your right hand

The sunlight brightens up as your silk carpet

Ripples dance on your fingertips to an aria

Long Jetty Bridge, oh, Long Jetty Bridge

If solitude is beautiful

I would rather be that sea bird

Soaring in your heart


Meijia Lian

Stroll up the hill


Green banyan trees spread their wings on the roof tiles,


A small fish-like boat on the Mingjiang River,

It is slowly driving into the distance.


Maybe you are washing clothes at the river at this moment,

Do you know I miss you onboard the passing boat ?



But whether you are on that stone or not,

No matter if I have time or not, I can look here from afar,

Missing is such a river that flows away.



The setting sun surrounds you,

Because you are my golden and brilliant yearning.





















Shijing Liao

Inquiry on Clouds of Wandering Winds


Waking up in the clouds, over the land down under,

Sydney should be blazing in summer with fervor.

Christmas is nearing, joy should be near,

Yet storms gather, clouds hang low in sheer.


Sydney Harbor, sea waves uproariously strive,

Raindrops like pearls, on my heart they arrive.

On the bridge, lights flicker and gleam,

But veiled by mist, Santa's star's dim beam.


Boats gently sail, seeking a distant shore,

Have the dreamt gifts dampened, forevermore?

Umbrellas in streets, like dancers in trance,

Fluttering down, like snowflakes, in a celestial dance.


Thoughts in my heart, like clouds on a spree,

May the wind tell the clouds, take warmth to the sea.

Let rain cleanse the dust, leaving ripples of hope,

Behind the clouds, find a sunbeam to cope.


Yes! Whatever is coming, let's welcome!

Step into the New Year! With unparalleled enthusiasm!

Dive into the thrill of festive Sydney. With a glass of cocktail!

And dance into 2024! With unmatched happy dreams.


Yuhang Liu

Silence, Ukraine


Morning like always

Roosters are ready to sing

Farmers get cows ready to plough

Birds wait one long night

Ready to hunt for their children


Antelopes waiting for the first sunshine

To expel the dark and vicious night

Lions prepare to sleep

As the long battle night left scars all over

Of course some preys, so pity for them

Mother just milked the baby

Both in the deep sleep

What a silent move


Changing is not chirps of the birds

It is the shelling of canons

The earth trembled by the troops

Baby crying and mother awakes, asking

Putin, why you wake me up


Lu Wentao

Don’t Say


I don't say, "I love rain,"

when I open the umbrella

in the drizzle

I like the smell of the rain.


I don't say, "I love sunset,"

when I watch the sun disappear

in my eyes, she is still

shining in my mind.


I don't say, "I love wind,"

I always stand on the deck

to embrace the sea breeze.


I don't say, "I love you,"

when I first saw you in the darkness,

you never leave my heart.







Raymond Ren

Beauty in the hanging mind


1.      Spring Gala with you,

Times passing by.

Chasing stars joyfully,

Those years in sky.


Sharing together differences,

Colourful pheasants alike.

Capturing for delicate taste,

Being mixed senses ideals and appetite.


Entered the flaming curtain with you,

Astonished by the clouds and rain in fire.

Hard to tell it was beautiful or repellent,

Still being in the midst of them and smile.


An itchy heart seeks diversion,

Oh natural Life.

It is better to find extraordinary,

Being marvellous encountering my own fate in light.


2.         The Soul hidden in Sorrow and Joy,

Oh often strike,

Who plucks my heartstrings,

Several times the sharp meaning with pride.


Permeating into the palace of my mind,

Aroma water dilutes sad and cries.

Overflowing three Lifes,

A burst of sense and gasping breath disguise.


Who says poetry is Majestic,

Who says the poetry kills and die.

Once life is over,

Any poetic charm fades with the wind passing by.


That bloodthirstiness, that splendour,

That tenderness are shy,

In the vast time torrents it is nothing,

The final rightful peace of my mind never feels contrite.


3.        Begins after a stunning encounter,

Savouring trial.

Another stunning encounter, then getting used to it for a while.


The world is inevitable,

Clichés like.

Repeated repellent, Repeated beauty showing fight.


Novelty leads me into mist,

Extra dimples rosy cheeks sigh.

Better the slender bones,

Stirring the Soul letting it high.


Oh too many slender bones,

Better dewy skin slight.

Embracing grace in tipsy,

Conquering three Castles for a bride.


The grandeur the Castles rises and huge,

Hidden at a needle point aspire.

Inserted into a square inch,

Revealing Bodhisattvas and Vajras the benevolent and fierce the high-five.


Then keeping attention tiny and kind,

Truly shrive.

Beauty cannot be scrutinised harshly,

while repellent can be mysteriously alive.


Beauty cannot be fully revealed,

Repellent shall see a leopard in a hole side.

Like a lute covering the half face of a beauty,

Still alluring my heart betide.


The mature ends up as withered lotuses,

Falling into autumn water multi-ply.

With a sudden gust of puzzle wind,

All falling into frost burying by the pure and white.




















… …



















… …





































Sou Vai Keng

upside-down song

bird drawing song

in canvas on the wall
hanging upside down

in mirror of sea
throwing up

a frozen sunset

wind still

over waves
eye moves

you are
on your own

now spread

over sand


Adarshani R Sharma       


Such a pity to see that I live in this society,

where wearing a dress can be no less than a stress,

where the length of a skirt determines my worth,

where my passion is just another persons’ comparison,

where my body size will always be a thing to criticize.

A society where females are forced to live a lie,

a society which doesn't change no matter how hard you try!


Tang Ying Xia

Nostalgia of Honor and Decline


I've experienced countless sorrows

And countless moments of happiness.

Whenever the melancholy mist descends,

I open up to the natural, newborn light—

In the forest, there's a clear and melodious spring,

Birds rest by the water, wings poised for flight.

Perhaps it's still winter here,

But my shadow

No longer accepts the cold and lingering darkness of the night—

Oh, world,

It still smiles at me so indifferently,

Like the early blooming cherry blossoms in March.

The spring water should know—

Ultimately, where will I drift? My soul—

Is heading towards all the nostalgia of honor and decline.


Altynai Temirova


Dreams are like life

And life is like dreams

For someone who doesn't know who to trust,

suffering souls are filled with


But like a cunning playful fox

attracting a hunter

A thousand of lies in life

keep you out of your way

persuading you

“It’s me, your happiness

Get from me whatever you like!”

Little by little

You keep threading your way,

Unable to give matters fresh thought.

Actually no one managed to do that...



Түштөр – өңдөй,

а, турмуш – түш сыяктуу...

Ишенээрин билбеген кай бирине,

азаптуу жандын бакты

укмуш албан...

                   бирок калтар түлкүдөй


алдына мергенчинин түшүп алып:

“Мени!..” – дейт, жашоодогу миң-миң жалган

көрүнүш көз көрүнөө колдон алып...

“Бакытың болом сенин,

бардыгын алгын менден!..”

                                берип ченем,

узайсың узанбаган жолдор менен,

учугун убайымдуу ойдун чубап,

учуна жаралганы жан жетпеген...


Phu-Linh Tran

A Swan Feather a Thousand Li Away 


There was only one time 

when my po-po said  

something nice to me 


that didn’t sound like screaming 

she said lo ho leng ma

meaning you are beautiful 


I was hiding inside

my well-established shame. 

Yet my po-po saw me, 


because she knew what

hiding under shame meant

and what marrying a man 


for every reason other than love felt like 

and how hiding your true feelings 

your whole life 


so no one would look down on you

could damage your soul. 

My popo  still sees me,


but she now sees me from heaven

and every time I want to hide 

from the world she sends me 


a swan feather from a thousand li

away to  remind me to see myself

and to hold onto hope,  


hope for a life where others

would see me too. 


Alan Wu

Blue Mountains

I spent half a day in the Blue Mountains,

The maple leaves began to change faces as they grieved for spring.

Why wait until late autumn to visit again?

 Lingering in the sunset, I care not to return.







Zi Fei Yu

Fishing Alone in autumn


When a leaf floats

Its temperature is the same as water

Closing my lips tightly, except for the color

I shouldn't be close to the same coldness


I'm not sure if the leaf will

Wake up from the water in a certain afternoon

When autumn clouds fly by

Sing affectionately the final song for the green


The reflection is

The last touch of ink left behind

When a lone goose flies by

Repeating the style of painting over the years

Drifting past the song of “Every sound is slow” from Yian


My fingertips seem to be warmer than my breath

It can move the red wine in the glass

As if a swimming fish

Over the mountains, rivers and the ocean


Please give me a petal of cold chrysanthemum

And let it be

Waiting for me to find the forgotten blue top from my previous life

I will dance with you my final dance

No longer to be afraid to go to the west tower to listen to the sunset song


Xiaochun Liang

Journey To The US


Everyone has a journey

No matter how hard or easy

The plane is taking off again

Arising into the sky bravely

Without image of the destination

My brain is empty

A different world ahead?

I’m wondering about it


From the map I can see

It’s only inches away

A whole day travelling is not far

Since the planet is tiny

Where can I go

With a heart which is

Eager for the quietness

In such a crowded world

That is so noisy


While I’m flying high

My brain is empty


Published in the Through the Realm of Impermanence - Poetry Sydney 2022 Selected Poems


























Symphony of life - for Ryan Martin

The sea is roaring, people are crying

for a young man, his name is Ryan,

Ryan Martin.

He was so younghe was so strong.

His girlfriend is so beautiful.

His life would have been very very long.

However, he is gone!

like a sea eagle,

withering away in the shining of the sun.

He threw himself from jagged rock,

into 2m high waves, not because he was sick of life,

but for the sake of life, a little Asian girl, her life.


This wasn't an exchange, this was a symphony of life.

His soul was on the strings of a harp, the harp performing the song of lives.

His soul was in the song, and he didn't allow any loss of any other soul in the song.

This symphony is performed for ever.

The harp is strung by his soul, a young and strong soul,

a soul never wither away, but just hidden in the shining of the sun.


Zhang Lizhong

Syntactic Childhood


The happy ones heal life with childhood,

The unhappy heal childhood with a lifetime.

If you consider yourself a happy person,

Happy childhood can be written as a poem:

Writing life in plain as not plain.

If you consider yourself unhappy,

Unhappy childhood can be written as a dream:

Writing about the extraordinary in the ordinary.

May writing save everyone,

The happy and the unhappy write together.


WenZheng Zhu

Tune Ripples Sifting Sand

A slender waist being tied by a silk ribbon, inclining

Even to fragility, bears the grief of departing spring ;

The freshly made-up soft figure appearing in sparse shadows,

How to in it describe her slight and graceful paces?

A wisp of light cloud floating by the evening plum flowers.

Rosebud mouth singing,

Words on lips tendering,

The shady path along the peach blossom to ferry-crossing.

Left to see the beamed jade terrace, where on the fairy sky,

And the homing moon sinking with her practised eye.









M.K Ajay is a poet, editor and corporate leader based in Hong Kong. He is the author of three books of poems, including Clawing into Water’s Skin (Poetrywala, Mumbai). He co-edited an international poetry anthology titled Map of Morning (Dhauli Books), is the Associate Editor of anām: the journal of international writing and co-curator of the Odisha Art & Literature Festival. Ajay’s poetry has been translated into more than ten languages. His paintings and poems were featured in Mladé Topole (Slovakia) as digital installations. He is a winner of the Northern Colorado Writers’ Poetry Contest (National) and runner up at the Srinivas Rayaprol Poetry Prize, and has been an invited writer at quite a few international literary festivals. He is currently completing his debut novel and is editing two cross-disciplinary international poetry anthologies.

Cao Shui, also Shawn Cao (born in Jun 5, 1982), is a Chinese poet, novelist, screenwriter and translator. He is a representative figure of Chinese Contemporary Literature. He leads “the Greatpoeticism” movement. His most notable works includes Epic of Eurasia, the already mentioned trilogy and King Peacock (TV series). So far fourty books of Cao Shui have been published, including ten poem collections, five essay collections, ten novels, four translations, 18 fairy tales and one hundred episodes TV series and films. He has won more than 50 literary awards worldwide. His works have been translated into 24 languages. He is also chief editor of Great Poetry, deputy editor in chief of World Poetry, secretary general of Boao International Poetry Festival and vice president of the Silk Road International Poetry Festival. Currently he lives in Beijing, and works as a professional writer and screenwriter.

Caiyan Che Born in Huidong County, Guangdong Province of Inland China.Studied at Guangdong Foreign Languages Normal School from 1985-1990. A registered writer of Australian Chinese Literature Networka member of Ausino Yuxuan Poetry Society.

Christine Pei Ying Chen A bilingual poet, a columnist of the newspaper 'Mandarin Page' (New Zealand); Editor-in-Chief of New York newspaper ‘Compact news’.Received :The Best Foreign Author 2023-- Italian Literature Award of the 30th 'Ossi Di Seppia'; The first place winner of the 2nd 'Literary Asia' (Chinese language) International Poetry Competition.In 2022, Chen participated in the organization and publication of Sydney's International Poetry Festival in Australia and received a 'Special Contribution Award'.

Twice winner of 'New Zealand Literature Award' (Chinese Literature) in 2018 & 2019.

Chen’s work was translated and published in different language such as Hindi, Arabia, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Romania, Albanian, Russian, Kazakh, Korean, Bangladesh, etc.

In 2023, Chen was assigned as the continent coordinator for World Poetry Movement Oceania.

Chen serves as a committee member of New Zealand Chinese Writers Association since 2021 to present.

Felix Cheung pen name “Jiang Feng Hui Ying”, originally from Guangzhou, China, currently resides in Sydney, a public practice accountant and CFO of a public company. He harbors a passion for poetry, literature and the arts. Member of the Ausinan Association For Poetry and the Australian Chinese Poetry and Art Federation. Felix's works grace numerous Chinese poetry websites and print media in Australia and New Zealand. In 2023, he authored and published "The 100-Character Poems of A Dream of Red Mansions".

Frank Dong Engages in overseas Chinese language education as a hobby, involved in teaching and management. Invited poet at the 2022 Sydney International Poetry Festival, and awarded the Festival Outstanding Contribution Award by the New South Wales government of Australia.

Winner of the Best Poetry Award at the "First World Poets Golden Crown Grand Prix".

Contracted poet for the Australian Poetry Gala, and serves as the Executive Chairman and Secretary-General of the Australian Branch of the CCTV Global Chinese Love Poetry Gala.

Fang Langzhou is a celebrated Chinese Australian poet from Fujian China. As an immigrant, he experienced the cultural shock, devoting himself to poetry. He was invited to the World Congress of Poets.  

Helen Jia (西) is a bilingual writer, living in Australia. Her poetry collection, "A Century of Serenity" (published by China Youth Press in 2016), won third prize in The 5th Zhongshan Literature Award. Her children’s poetry collection, "Moon River and Sky Town" (published by Unity Press in 2020), was awarded the title of Wonderful Children’s Book in Shanghai in 2021. And her children’s picture book "Scarecrow & Forget-Me-Not" (published by Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd in 2020) won the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in 2022 for Best Book in the Category of CHILDREN'S FAIRY TALES.

Jia Hong is a member of the Australian New South Wales Chinese Writers Association and a member of Yu Xuan Poetry Society.

Jie Ran Wang, Jie Ran Wang, an office clerk of a Sydney company, a member of poetry society and writers association, an editor of literature books, and an immigrant from Shanghai.

Jin Jin’s passion is in the arts and literature having written novel, prose and poetry. Jin strives to pursue the beauty in life. Her works reflect a soulful longing to return to nature, the memories of her childhood and the pursuit of ideals for a better life.

Lan Mu: well-known Australian-Chinese poet, senior event planner, senior editor, bilingual host. Dr Lan Mu is the author of the prose and poetry collections of "Happiness of Watch", the first "History of Fujian Advertisements" and "Research on the Business Model and Performance of Advertising Companies". She is the chief planner of Australian youth and adult cultural and arts competitions for many times.

Liao Shijing is an English teacher in Sydney engaged in bilingual teaching and research. Founder of the Global Chinese Art & Poetry Association; Chairman, General Planner and Producer of the 2021 and 2022 Global Chinese New Year Poetry & Art Concert; One of the key organizers of 2022 Sydney International Poetry Festival and Editor-in-Chief of the Poem Anthology of the Festival. Consultant to Overseas Literature Journal People's Daily Overseas New Zealand.

Lili, a Chinese born Melbourne poet, His works have been published in more than 100 newspapers and periodicals such as "Poetry Magazine", "People's Literature" and "Flower City", and he has won the Boao International Poetry Award, Sydney International Poetry Award and Yang Wanli Poetry Award more than ten times. Chief Editor of the annual anthology of Chinese Troubadour Poetry and the poetry series of the Library of Chinese Troubadour. He has published six collections of poetry, essays and reportage.

Li Zhongquan was born in Shenyang in 1955. He has published over 300 essays, poems, and prose pieces in publications such as People's Daily, Baidu, Tencent News, Sohu, World Poets, Australia Net, The Ocean Times, and Perth Daily. His representative works include "Youth Group Poems," "Standing by the Stove," "Yellow River," and "Chicken Feathers and Garlic Skins." He is a member of the Australia Victoria Chinese Writers Association, the Australian Chinese Writers Association, and the Chinese Poetry Society.

Meijia Lian was born in 1956 and moved to Australia in the 1990s. She was the president of the Queensland Chinese Writers Association and a member of the Fujian Writers Association. Many works have been published in domestic and overseas publications and many awards won at home and abroad. Finally published a book of prose and poetry called Beautiful years

Breanna Lilly - raised in the serene surroundings of Santa Barbara, California, Breanna found her academic footing at Santa Barbara City College, earning three distinct Associate's degrees. With an innate passion for poetic expression and storytelling, she has woven words into her life's fabric from an early age, nurturing her aspirations as a poet and writer.

Yuhang Liu residing in NZ. Original from Beijing, NZ Coco Literacy Prize winner, Italian 30th "Ossi Di Seppia" Poetry Award winner(third place),works including novels, poems, short stories.

Lu Wentao Born in Shanghai. Published after living in Australia for more than thirty years.He has 

published a series of literary works in newspapers and periodicals, such as novels, essays and poems, etc., and several of his works have won awards. He is also the author of the business book "Australian Business Choice which published in 2001. Presidents of the Chinese Writers Federation NSW.

Raymond Ren resides in Sydney. Enjoys poetry, believes poetry can express emotions, convey love, and illustrate wisdom. Also hopes poetry can soothe grief and cheer up the down mood.

Sou Vai Keng - Writer and painter from Macau, now based in Portugal. Two published poetry books: art of ignorance (Flying Islands, 2023) and everybody has a pet (ASM, 2009).

Tang Ying Xia is a renowned Chinese-Australian poet, the Chairperson of the Sydney International Poetry Festival, and the Honorary Chairperson of the Australian International Elite Cultural and Arts Center.

Altynai Temirova is a poet of a wide range, playwright and translator. In 1990 graduated from the Institute of Literature named after M. Gorky in Moscow.  Member of the Writers’ Union of the Kyrgyz Republic since 1991, International Pen Club since 2000, and Union of Cinematographers since 2014. Altynai  Temirova a coordinator Kyrgyzstan for “World Poets Movement” (WPM). 

Phu-Linh Tran is a Vietnamese Melbourne-based poet, freelance writer, visual artist and spoken word performer. She has appeared as a featured poet at Girls on Key, Passionate Tongues, Be Mused, Fresh Voices, Poetryspective and Poetry at The Dan O’Connell.

She released her first self-published chapbook Adventures in P-Minor in 2019 and has since been published in literary journals LiteLitOne, Unusual Work and Farrago. Her work has also been published in two Australian anthologies: From the Ashes (2020) edited by C.S. Hughes and Shoot the Breeze (2022), published by Girls on Key Press. She will appear in the Melbourne Poets Union Anthology released in 2023.

 Alan Wu (Jing Liang). Bachelor of Chinese Language and Literature, currently living in Sydney. He has been working in Australian Chinese media for a long time. He has served as deputy editor-in-chief of a newspaper and has interviewed many celebrities from all walks of life in Australia and China. Poetry travel enthusiast. Published a personal collection of essays "The Australian Dreams".

Xiaochun Liang Born in Tianjin China. President of Ausinan Association for PoetryMember of Chinese Writers Federation NSW, Member of Chinese Prose Network Association.

Xing-Mai freelancer writer, published articles, poems, short fictions and literary commentary articles in Sydney local medias. Member of Ausinan Association of poetry, member of New South Wales Chinese writers Association, published a poem anthology “Poems on my footprints” in 2020.

Zhang Lizhong He received his Ph.D. in Education from the University of Sydney and was the project director of the China Education Center at the University of Sydney and the founding principal of the Datong Chinese School in Sydney. The founder of the new 100-character poetry style. He is currently the president of the Australian-Chinese Poetry and Art Federation.

Zi Fei Yu, formerly known as Ding Li. Situated in Sydney, Australia. She is a member of the Chinese Writers Association of NSW, a resident writer of the famous Chinese Writers Association, a member of the Sydney Yu Xuan Poetry Society, and a columnist of the Australian Changfeng Forum.

WenZheng Zhu(朱文正 known as Jinsheng). A member of the Australian Chinese Writers Association. Published books so far are: Songs of the Outback (Essays & Short Stories), Songs of the Outback (Fairytales & Short Stories), The Rivulets in Those Valleys, Asking Heaven (Selected articles of Jinsheng in Chinese-English), The 58 Cursive Scripts of Chinese Classic Poems by Milton (顧毅)(China) translated by Jinsheng, Distancing Mountains ---A Narrative Poem by Bing Fu(冰夫)translated by Jinsheng.




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