Meuse Press, established 1977, publishes Australian poetry outreach projects.


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Outrageous – Guide to Sydney Crime

Guide to Sydney Beaches & Guide to Sydney Rivers were guerrilla poetry exercises – inviting people looking for info on locations to explore poetry and photography instead. This sees tens of thousands visiting the spectrum of Australian creativity.

This new project envisages a similar tapping into a public fascination… with true crime.

Pretty open-ended. Material addressed could range from a famous historical figures/events to dispossession to abuse to discrimination to harassment to moments of delightful petty deviance. Hard to humorous.

The goal is new eyes on our artforms. No money in it for any of us.

Prior publication is fine so long as it is acknowledged (that publicises books/mags too).

Send poems/photographs to by 15 October.





















Guide to Sydney Rivers


AU/UA Contemporary Poetry of Ukraine and Australia

“...a juxtaposition that is as impressive and evenly balanced as its slightly more

widely noticed sporting equivalent, the Dolgopolov-Tomic tennis match.”

Prof. Marko Pavlyshyn



“…a singular surprise and delight…” Robert Holden


Australian Poetry Collaboration


from this Broken Hill


Guide to Sydney Beaches


Written in Sand








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